“Life is just a game of inches”

How often do you tell someone a bit of advice, only for them to tell you of this breakthrough thought they had a few weeks later...which was exactly what you told them in the first place? That was the haunting truth behind 'Inception'. Something we believe we have discovered ourselves remains imprinted on the mind … Continue reading “Life is just a game of inches”


“Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”

I've discovered that the best way to kill time before a flight is to get lost in the world of words. Either drafting blogs or making a barely noticeable dent in the endless list of books I want to read, I find time passes by so much quicker. Well, it can't literally pass quicker, but … Continue reading “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”


Take a deep breath

As much as I hate the typical Melbourne winter, where you need to wear clothes appropriate for all four seasons in one day, there is one upside to it all... It makes sitting on the couch, either sinking your teeth into a book or bingeing hours upon hours of shows and movies, about 1000% more … Continue reading Take a deep breath

Murphy’s Law is a state of mind

"It's always hard to pick yourself up after some deflating performances. I headed away to Perth last week with a lot of self belief, but also with a lot of pressure on myself. It wasn't so much that I had too much expectation - I"... This is what I had written sitting in the Qantas … Continue reading Murphy’s Law is a state of mind

‘Faber est suae quisque fortunae’

I'm writing this on the plane to Perth, heading towards my first tournament round in three months. It's been a long time between feeling the nerves and exhilaration that come with the competition, so this post will perhaps be more cathartic than informative to help deal with the personal expectations. Either way, I hope it … Continue reading ‘Faber est suae quisque fortunae’